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Monday, April 02, 2012

Grieving Anyone?/Food

Today had yet another random surge of tears.  Brief but I'm tired of crying.  This time it was because of a thermometer cover.  I know, not such a sad thing.  But it is leftoever from my home health life and that is sad stuff.  Because I took the temperature for every patient every day I ran through a lot of probe covers.  Sometimes one would break prior to use (the thermometer would go in too hard and rupture it) and those often were shoved in a pocket.  That meant that I often had a cover or two floating around the car  or my house since they are easy to drop without noticing.

And I left Dr. Mind completely confused.  First we discovered I did not have any recollection of homework given last time.  Then he had me do something there but even though I asked I didn't ask well enough to determine whether I'm supposed to do something with this now, or just over time.  Which means I may well be showing up with no clue about homework again, this time being really special since I have a whole page of writing.  I thought I knew what he meant when I left but I was wrong.

Oh well.  Gotta "make supper".  I got distracted after getting home at 7:30 and meant to make a sandwhich but the bread is frozen so time to reheat something.  If you ever need an easy, cheap, hard to damage, fairly nutritious meal might I recommend pierogies with pasta sauce.

Actually, I'm bored with what I make.  Maybe someone has an idea.  What I've been eating is a lot of mac&cheese with tuna and peas in it (microwave prep); boxed stuffing, canned chicken, mushroom soup and a veggie mixed together (also microwaved); pierogies; frozen dinners; frozen pizza; tuna helper.  I also eat a lot of fresh fruit, cereal, sandwiches, junk food, and um, something I forgot.  I am not with it enough to use the stove top and using the oven is nerve-wracking.  As produce gets fresher I'll be eating more and more of that.  I have a George Foreman grill that I can probably use safely and a crockpot.  I have an attenion span for preparation that is extremely limited but am pretty good at substituting frozen vegetables for fresh when needed.  If you have any ideas that is on that level of preparation I'd love to hear them, especially since this is food stamp shopping week.

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reddog said...

Canned chicken, crushed tomatos, lentils, beef or chicken broth, onion.
Canned navy beans, canned potatos, canned tomatos, chicken if you want meat, garlic.

I do the pierogi and pasta sauce thing too.

Just Me said...

Thanks. See, I have beans but hadn't thought to throw them into things. And I am protein deprived because I don't like meat much when feeling good. Beans are good. I make fake "burito bowls" but that involves the stove top so it's not happening right now. I have a LOT of Rotel to use though so this is good.

Lurid said...

Ha ha, I love pierogies :) I'm vegan and throw beans in everything. If you're not adverse to TVP, you can make it in the microwave and chuck it in your pasta sauce--it's not that noticeable and you get a bunch of protein from it.

Just Me said...

What is TVP?

Michal Ann said...

Yeah, what is TVP?

I don't cook a lot so I'm not the best helper for you. That said, I'm wondering if you can throw some of these ingredients in the crockpot and call it soup/stew.

reddog said...

I make bean tacos a lot. Refried beans, mixed with salso or taco seaoning (from the packet), warmed, with cheese, then with salsa/sour cream/green onion/black olive/whatever ina taco shell. Or scooped up with corn chips.

I forgot: black beans, salsa or seasoned tomatos. Sometimes I add brown rice to sop up the juice.

I'm Greek Orthodox, so we have a lot of days where we can't eat meat, poultry, fish, olive or wine, so I've been working on the vegatarian dishes for a while now.

reddog said...

Do you like rice? I will throw spices and veg into a rice cooker, let it go and end up with some nice veg/bean/rice mixes.