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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

9 more days

I've now completed 2 full weeks back at work. I'm proud; it hasn't been easy. In fact I'm plain old exhausted most of the time.

Today I got a lot of confirmation that leaving is right. I'm learning that the newer place really isn't a good fit for me. I do not handle doing therapy in a place where the facility believes nursing should tell me what to do and I'll do it. I am the therapist, not the nurse. I have extensively more training than a nurse (it is rare that I work with even one BSN, much less and MSN). I am all for team decisions about care, but when it falls into my expertise I will do it my way or I will not do it. I've been other places like this before. One I transferred out of; the other I made a lot of commotion that I would quit before I let it ever happen again after the first time and it improved.

This new place is just nuts. They want to control everything. It starts with the whole lab coat nightmare and just gets worse as they try to dictate treatment plans and how various situations are handled, rightly or wrongly. The lab coat thing alone is killing me because it is so, so hot. I have to wear shirts under my scrub tops or it's a free for all peep show. So that means 3 layers. I start looking medicinally overheated quickly.

I'm so glad to have only 4 more days there.

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