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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lab Coat

I forgot. Lab coat update (see Therapy Cat post). After buying one, dying it blue, bleaching it white, and being careful to wear the stupid thing to work because heaven help forgetting it, nobody actually wears them. I'm not sure what the deal is; they said I had to have one. But it's like as long as you physically own one in the room you are allowed to live. Which is good because it is HOT in there.

But why did I shell out $15?


Sarah said...

Because work (like school) likes to take us for every dime we have!

Jen said...

I took a job once, and was told that the dress code was "corporate". Having no idea what that meant, I went out and spent a few hundred dollars (I didn't have) on suits (that never really fit me right) which I never wore because everyone dressed relatively casually (except the trolls in HR). So, I hear you.