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Monday, January 07, 2008

Bipolar Bloggers Unite

OK, you can scroll down if you want to see tonight's entertaining story of being bipolar. But there's something we all need to do. I've done it; the rest of you can do it your own way.

Back in November for a few days I kept getting a ton of searches about whether bipolar patients are dangerous. I believe this was because I once did a disgruntled post about a stereotypical portrayl of a bipolar on Roseanne.

I realized there were clearly not enough pages saying no, we are not dangerous unless certain bad circumstances arise. So I wrote this.

I still get way too many searches on this. It seems pretty clear that a lot of people believe we are to be feared.

Please, write a post about how we are just people. People who are more prone to extremes, and sometimes violence through that, but people. It makes me hurt to think of the number of people who think we are all violent. The only way we'll ever get to live free from stereotypes is to counter them.

I'm begging you. Mine isn't the one that should pop up so often, it isn't anything special. If everyone says something we'll cover this more fully and the question might even go away.


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Sarah said...

I will try my damnedest to get it out tonight. I will also ask a few of my other mentally ill friends to do it. :)