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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I just published a thing saying I'm too tired to think, but this is too good to forget. Are you ready all you bipolars?

Someone found this blog searching for "Is bipolar boring?". Um NO. That would be why I've got nearly 450 posts....For the love of all that is good bipolar is NOT boring.

I hate it with a passion, but I will say that it prevents anything in my life from being boring. Even meetings at work aren't boring because I have to work so hard to focus.



therapydoc said...

You should lead a long, stress-free-as-possible, not boring life, and there should be a complete cure for the disorder (I really think it's going to happen in our lifetime).

Emilija said...

Unfortunately I disagree with therapydoc. We do not cure diseases anymore, we manage them. Hopefully we will get better at managing bipolar, but I don't think it will every be easy- or boring.

Mariposa said...

Boring...NOT! :D But this is quite an improvement from the "is bipolar = dangerous" search right?

And yes, knowing what we have...we can hopefully manage it to our advantage...I'm trying hard...seems okay for now...