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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why doesn't Hallmark make cards for this?

So I'm having a hard time finding the right words for the resignation letter I will be turning in on Tuesday. I have decided to turn in the notice and work it out because I handled last week just fine. I was no more tired than before the additional sedation, so it was basically difficult but not impossible. I feel better about myself this way.

The truth is that I'm resigning for a reason nobody would have questioned in May: I worked part time at least down here (and had been told it would be FT eventually although it didn't take long to not believe that) and when our contact expired it would have been a normal time to say that I didn't want to drive to the city and to get another job. But there weren't any jobs listed that I knew of around here then, and as per my usual (but hopefully former) system of thinking I thought "it's ONLY a little bit more". That's just not so true. Those miles add up and the new job will be about 6 hours less driving/week. Maybe more. Not less.

It's just weird. I didn't go back to a sympathetic situation, but Friday in the place I used to work 5 days and now work 2 I felt at home. Which made me decide to do this. The awkward part is the letter. And if they're mad that too could be awkward, but any anger is me projecting my fears and that doesn't benefit anyone.

But I think there should be pre-printed forms to prevent some of the awkwardness. Who doesn't like a greeting card after all?


Mariposa said...

Do google, and you will be amaze with the number of samples around...I'm also thinking of doing the same...and I have like 5 drafts already...lol

Anonymous said...

A greeting card, with check off boxes for reasons for leaving, requests for various types of owed pay, and statements of whether or not the resignation is being considered constructive discharge. Good luck.

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