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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last full week

I start my new job 2 weeks from tomorrow. I only will work 7 more days in this job. (I'm done on Tuesday of next week). I'll be cleaning out my stuff as I get time this week. That is so, so weird feeling. Most important for me to remember is that I only have to go to the place I don't like 4 more times.

I've done so much better than I thought. My hours have been reasonable. I'm even doing fine with treating more than one patient at a time, which has always been tricky for me. In fact the other night I pulled off simultaneous evaluations, which I'm pretty proud of. I have a pre-employment physical this week. Yippee. I'm actually looking forward to it because I want to try to talk my doctor into more thyroid medicine since my last level was borderline.

I'll be so glad to get my 3 days off between jobs though. So, so glad. I'm TIRED. I went to bed Friday at 7 and slept until 10 AM.

I've also sort of taken advantage of my insurance. I needed new prescription sunglasses because I lost mine and my pupils are so dilated from meds that they are a medical necessity; I am in pain without them and driving isn't safe. This plan from my current job is really good. So I used it to buy prescription glasses and then will use my new plan for this year's exam and lenses for my real glasses.

Otherwise, just hanging on. Bound to get more interesting eventually.

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Anonymous said...

Glad that you are able to still learn and celebrate new things, and aren't "watching the clock" while you are on the job. Go, you!