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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bipolars are not categorically dangerous

I've had multiple searches today for whether or not bipolar people are dangerous. So I'll answer.

Typically, no. If we're on our meds and not having an episode than we are no more dangerous than anyone else.

We have a higher rate of drug/alcohol abuse and that makes us dangerous just like it does anyone.

We can be dangerous to ourselves when ill. Sometimes this is in the form of self-harm, sometimes by making bad decisions. Sometimes bad decisions hurt others. That is true for anyone though, bipolar or not.

Therefore, we are not dangerous. Sometimes we may be at increased risk for being dangerous, but that is not guaranteed. I know plenty of people who live far more dangerous lives than I do, for example. In fact, I live a pretty boring, sedate, stick-to-the-rules life.

Hopefully this helps.

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