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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Psychiatric update

I saw my psychiatrist today. I got much more specific paperwork sent to my disabilty insurance, which should (if they are at all rational) get me coverage for the remaining time I need to recover. It wasn't so much fun because she went clear back over my history trying to show that not only am I really sick at this moment but that I've got a history of being a bit complicated which means slower healing/slower treatment.

I got my antidepressant back. Thank God. SAD has been kicking my butt, along with everything else. At least I think it's SAD. That certainly has a component; I know this because it has to be the reason I want to sleep from 7 pm until 2 pm daily. If it weren't for not doing well at falling asleep I'm sure I would be.

As I'd suspected I don't have a long way to go with the Seroquel, so I'm staying put with it until we see how much the antidepressant helps.

I'm going to stay home until January. I feel really guilty. I know I'm in no shape to work; I seriously doubt I could handle one day without losing it, but it feels wrong to have been off so long. Guess my "attendance" rating for my annual review that is due will be pretty crummy.

All that was a long day and I'm very tired. I may set a new record for hours of sleep tonight.

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