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Friday, November 09, 2007

Another day with random bad things

I got a note from my disability insurer today that accompanied a check for half of what I was expecting. They informed me that severe mania/mixed episode only disables OTRs for 28 days. I would LOVE to know what study that one is based on. I can just see people timing each profession's abilities. Evidence based medicine is fine, but that's a bit extreme. I had to be off 2 weeks before I was paid, so my check was only for 2 weeks and it stopped 10/13.

So I was paid 1/3rd of the time I've been off. It's enough to at least catch up my bills. I think. It is not enough to calm me down. The money thing has been SO stressful this time. I'm so tired of it.

Then I tried to make an appointment with my family doctor. I'm making an assumption that he no longer is there since he no longer seems to have an appointment desk. They were not in when I called so I can't be sure until Monday, but if he is gone it is a major loss. I spent a lot of time explaining to him what I need from a family doctor, and that I might be bipolar but I still deserve respect, and I never had any issues with him. This was in stark contrast to other doctors since my diagnosis. Even the doctor I had seen several years before him had a tendency to want to play psychiatrist and try to insist something should be changed in my psych meds. This doctor never did that. He would always call my psychiatrist at my request and made sure she had copies of labs, etc.

So now I am waiting to hear from the psychiatrist that she sent the paperwork in saying that I indeed am exceeding expectations for a 28 day illness, and even worse, waiting for Monday to find out if my beloved doctor has moved on.

At least I am not going to be homeless.

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