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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The "C-R-A-Z-Y" Word

I read a number of blogs written by people my own age. It helps me see what a more normal life is like in one's 30s. A hallmark of that time is, of course, raising children.

The problem is that an unbelievable number of these excellent bloggers go too far with comparing motherhood to mental illness. These same women who would be horrified if someone pointed out they had been not very politically correct but oh-so-funny when dealing with homosexuality or race will spend paragraphs laying out dramatic scenes of running wildly through stores, hysterical laughter, etc. Jokes are made about needing ECT or antipsychotics.

I get so angry at these posts. Once I pointed out that it wasn't really appropriate, and my gentle words were posted in a whole post about how funny the crazy lady was. And then all the commentors agreed that I was a stick in the mud, pain in the butt, etc. I wasn't, honestly I wasn't.

I know that these people have no idea what mental illness is like. I also know they are adults and they need to find better ways to express themselves. High dose psychotropics are not even enough to tame my crazies enough that I can stop feeling like someone is in my house tonight.

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