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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hair loss update

I haven't said much lately about my hair loss, and it's something that I have had good change in so I want to share. My hair was moderately thinning thanks to Depakote starting mid-summer. By August my stylist could see thin patches. I think the only reason it didn't really show is that I have very thick, very curly hair. I could pull out handfuls of hair, one after another.

I started on supplements recommended for people on Depakote. Usually they say to take Centrum Silver, but something in that made me nauseated so I bought the supplements separately (zinc and selenium).

My stylist recommended trying products by a company called Nioxin which is devoted to hair regrowth and has a pretty high success rate. The shampoo and leave-in treatment were the same prices as buying any salon product (about $15 each). I used those for a month and we decided it was working but not enough. I bought the very expensive $35 advanced treatment foam and switched to Nioxin mousse instead of my usual curl defining gel. And now my hair has grown back in really quickly. I'm so happy. I'm sure that Nioxin is mainly the key to success because my legs haven't needed shaved in so long I can't remember and I have essentially no arm hair. I'm not complaining about not needing to shave though.

I have read where a lot of people aren't so thrilled with Nioxin but I've been thrilled (except for the money, but that's life). The biggest complaint seems to be smell. The shampoo and scalp treatment smell like tea tree oil. The foam smells weird, kind of yeasty, but that smell is gone in just a second. I like the smell now, although I do miss the girly flowery stuff.

Anyway, I'm not bald. Thought someone might want to know that.

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