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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another example of why doctor screening is good

Today I saw Dr. Body. I've been having some fairly severe back pain for at least a few months. I've thought it was a UTI a few times, then decided not when nothing progresses. I've considered muscle issues, but I don't remembering hurting myself. I thought for a while it was menstrual cramps, but then it got to be all the time and that's not right. Then I thought maybe my ongoing constipation issues, but ultimately I decided since it's near my kidneys and my kidneys aren't happy ones that the best thing would be to see him for a check-up.

This is why I love him. He reviewed my meds and checked in on my bipolar condition. He listened to me, examined me, and well, he BELIEVED me. There was no questioning of whether this was the bipolar being weird, or if I was drug-seeking (a frequent assumption if I need narcotics for anything, which is more frequent than most people because lithium levels are affected by all NSAIDS (ie ibuproferon, aleve, celebrex, etc). He gave me muscle relaxants, and enough of them to let me heal if it is an injury (ie, a month supply, not the "you might be an addict because you are mentally ill 5 pills I've had other doctors give"). He also gave me exercises, which as a therapist I respect. And another med to add to my constipation meds. And he did a urine dip which was positive. So I also got an antibiotic. He treated all of me. And then when I asked him for a gynecologist referral because mine moved away or something he didn't act at all like I had hurried him. Instead he told me about someone and then called them and set up an appt. for me, specifying the doctor, which is really important because I need a doctor who is good with trauma. In all he spent an hour with me or looking up meds for me on his computer.

Also, I have gained weight, which is kind of odd since I fit clothes better. But rather than lecture me he just passed it off as "meds". Which is exactly what I needed to hear, right before I start my new and healthier diet.:)

This doctor is worth every second of the drive. He's worth every penny of the amount I paid 3 years ago to question him on everything from his beliefs about mental illness to his approach to sharing power with Dr. Brain to his understanding that I absolutely will not take medications he doesn't look up and make sure won't hurt me with the others I'm on.


Anonymous said...

That doctor sounds fantastic, friend! I'm so very happy for you!

I have been thinking about you lately for some reason - don't know quite why, but you're on my heart. <3

Just Me said...

Thanks Sara(h?). Sorry, I cannot remember that.

This is an incredibly difficult time and I am handling it amazingly well. It is the best feeling ever to be well enough to fight back.

Emilija said...

It sounds like you have a really great doctor. At my next doctor's appointment, I'm going to see how my internist responds to the fact that my psychiatrist just put me on metformin, and no I don't have diabetes. I think there should be internists who specialize in treating patients on psychiatric meds, and know about all the side effects and risks.