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Monday, October 13, 2008

This helps

First, in case I didn't say this already, I have an interview Friday.  And I am SO happy about that.
Second, I finally had a talk with HR from the old company today.  I will be paid for the 61 hours of accrued vacation time.  Which is a LOT of money I thought was forfeited.
On the other hand, I'm getting really irritated because she told me my ex-boss is planning to ship my belongings tomorrow.  I have been gone a week.  There is NO reason not to have done this or have delegated it.  It makes me feel sure she's taking one more chance to go through everything and that makes me angry.  My stuff is MINE.  (I didn't get to take it because I was fired over the phone.)
Anyway, I need to get to sleep.  I'm not relaxing well tonight and I really don't want more meds because we're leaving early for the zoo.

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Man, I had this huge great comment and my computer ate it. I think.

To sum it up: YAY! and Whattawench!