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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I forgot

There is one thing. Please pray for this tomorrow.

Amidst all the stress of the last 2 weeks this barely even seems significant. But it is. As older readers know, last winter I was diagnosed with a cyst on my kidney, plus a disease called diabetes insipidus, which means my body doesn't maintain it's electrolyte balance well, nor does it hang onto water appropriately. I drink, my body flushes it out, this makes me thirsty, I drink more, I pee more. It's a problem caused by lithium. Generally they make you stop lithium, but because lithium has been one of the only drugs that gave me any good results my psychiatrist, family doctor, and nephrologist worked together to keep me on it.

A while back I thought I had a UTI. But it didn't get worse so I didn't get tested. I test positive anyhow because the cyst dumps blood into my urine all the time. But for at least 2 months now I've had a ton of pain in the kidney region. I have no memory of injuring my back, although this is possible. But even with being careful to protect my back and drink tons of water the last week or so I still have it. And my urine still is kind of smelly and icky. So I think I've had a UTI for a while. Or my kidneys are not liking the lithium compromise.

So tomorrow I'm getting this checked out. I know it's responsible to do so but I feel like a big baby. I do every time I show up with my list of meds pre-printed so the nurse doesn't have to go through it verbally. 33 pills takes a while......

Anyway, pray it's nothing, or that I hurt myself, or that it is just a simple UTI...Please. I can't handle more.

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