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Sunday, October 12, 2008

THAT was different

We went to a local Mexican restaurant here. Although I live in this midst of nowhere, we have a reasonable Mexican population who work in certain area factories. And so we have some really good restaurants.

I'd been to this one a few times when it was new and it was good then. However, the employees' English was so limited back then you really had to order by number or point. Today I noticed that the waiter spoke much more English and was able to take our orders with more ease. Sadly, he apparently didn't comprehend so well, as when my plate arrived it had 2 "I don't knows" on it rather than the tamale/enchilada combination, and my mother had 1/2 of what she ordered and a "I don't know".

Oh well, it was good. (except when I spilled lemonade all over myself)

1 comment:

Cranky Amy said...

Hey, at least it was lemonade and not tropical punch cool-aid while you are wearing a white shirt. This is why I should NEVER wear white. . .good times. :)