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Friday, October 24, 2008

Mail call

So, this morning I popped into the post office, just like every morning. I had a package slip, which I expected as I have a few things on order, plus was expecting my hire packet from work, a box from the "we forgot" people I used to work for, some meds, etc. It was my hire packet, and that will raise a question tomorrow.

But anyway, guess what else was in there? hmm, I think I'm going to make you all actually guess. I'm tired and that sounds fun to toy with people a bit.......


9ja's OT said...

sign on bonus check?

Just Me said...

Although that would be nice, nope. I was recruited for the job that I was fired from just a few weeks before.

I actually don't take sign-on bonuses. Any I've been offered have come with a requirement to stay with the company for so long or else pay it back on leaving, and I'm not interested. First, working for contract companies here in such a rural area means that if you lose the contract you might be asked to drive crazy distances (which I now do, but voluntarily). Second, they may not be able to find a placement at all. Third, I want the freedom to move on if I want to. One of the good things about this profession is the high need for therapists, and taking advantage of that has proven positive for me several times.