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Friday, October 15, 2010

Diagnosis: Who knows?

(NOTE:  I posted another post just a few minutes ago because I fell asleep before hitting send last night.  Please read it; it's more important that this which is for my memories as much as anything.)

I saw my family doctor yesterday for lab work (the annual junk like cholesterol, diabetes testing,etc.). We discussed my hormonal issues because I wanted any labs the gynecologist might want to be done now if possible while my deductible is met.  Essentially there's not much to do besides the gynecology exam in February and consider/discuss with Dr. Brain if I can go on birth control pills/patch.  I have been on them before to help regulate my mood and it wasn't very successful in that I had mood swings from the hormones, but there weren't nearly as many choices back then as there are now.

I thought it was funny though.  Nobody wants to say this is peri-menopause, but everyone has a hmmmm when they hear my mother had it at my age.  And Dr. Body especially keeps coming up with alternative diagnoses.  So far we've considered endometriosis, polycystic ovaries (which my meds, esp. one I took for years but am off now) put me at high risk for anyway, and "typical changes".  I have a new diagnosis of menorhhagia, excessive menstrual bleeding.  In doing research I've been reading about endometrial ablation and I'm going to be asking a lot of questions about that route.  I'm not having children so why should I put up with this?  If I'm a candidate I'm probably going to have that done.

I also get to have my annual diabetes check, aka the annual time I stress out because I am pretty high risk and don't need another issue.  Because of my family history (3/4 of my grandmother's children who survived adulthood have died from diabetes at young ages-73 is the oldest) and my high-risk meds (Seroquel) I get checked at least 4 times annually for glucose level and then one annual test that tells my blood sugar average of the past 3 months (hemoglobin A1C).  This year I'm having one more test done because apparently my repeated yeast infections around my bra line is a sign that diabetes would be possible, although unlikely given that we know my fasting glucose was about 80 not so long ago.  It's more likely that I just picked up a susceptibility to some kind of resistant yeast through my work.  I'm also a healthy young adult who has had thrush, which is atypical as well, except that I had 3 patients who kept passing back and forth UTIs followed by yeast infections, over and over for all of them.  They were roommates and finally the reason turned up:  the staff were sharing one bedpan between the 3.  (I know, gross......)  Combined to constant exposure to yeast infections and my having been on antibiotics a lot for several years and the result is I may just have topical yeast.  We'll know soon I guess.  I'm hoping to get these drawn this weekend.  I'd love to this morning but I don't know where I can get it done as early as I need to.  We've agreed the hospital I typically use is too annoying as they've lost blood, don't send results despite repeated requests, etc.  Which means going elsewhere.  Which is a pain as there are not a lot of options.

Oh well, I need to shower.  I still smell like my patient who smoked about 300 cigarettes in an hour yesterday.

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