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Monday, October 04, 2010


Wow one is my sister blessed me with the best answer ever (although she'd never use that term) "no worries".  So I won't.  I thought that might be hard, but it's not.  I believe her somehow.  I think our relationship has changed forever with Anne's birth.  Can you believe that was 11 weeks ago?

One of the things I'm going through with the apparent peri-menopause is that I've had the most blessed "woman's life" possible.  Literally I have barely had a single cramp since junior high and if I did it meant I really had a UTI, not cramps, never had facial breakout (ok, that was my severely dry skin benefitting me), and while I've had mood swings with PMS mainly the only problem I've ever had besides irregular cycles in the first few years on depakote which I've been off for some time now is  migraines occasionally and those stopped with depakote too.  I've never purchased a "heavy" or "nighttime" product.  I've rarely had to clean up stained clothing or sheets.  But all that has changed now and I have 3 colors of Always in my bathroom.  And impressively today I was smart enough to use a so-called "extra heavy overnight" (purple) one for the morning that was at the end of it's life by 1.  I've had a migraine all day, I fought pimples last week, and for months I've complained that my patches don't stick during my period because my skin is oily. This is a whole new world and I don't like it.  Hopefully I can move my gynecologist appt. up some as 3 months of tracking shows something is crazy.

Michal suggested calcium.  Thanks to my meds causing severe constipation my doctor has had me try to avoid it.  However, since my mother who went through this as this age also has full=blown osteoporosis at age 63 I'm going to add it and deal with it; I think the med I'm on now for constipation with take care of it.  But you're right, I do think there is a connection to my need to drink so very much milk and this.  I like milk but I have never wanted it like this.  I think calcium supplements are also supposed to help with the migraines etc. and as this one dissipates hopefully for real (it's faked me out twice) I'll do nearly anything to avoid that again.

I met with them about my new job today.  More on that after I do some calculations and make a counter-offer.  I've never actually done that part before; it's a little scary.  But I need to; they are offering basically the average salary for someone in this field and I've got 10 years of experience.  I have to do some math though to see if what I'm thinking of asking makes much difference.  It's just hard to comprehend a pay cut this big.  On the other hand all the extra money has gone to debt, so it's not like I'll really have a change, aside from I'll pay less to debt.

Bad idea mid-migraine:  I use natural detergant called soap nuts.  I highly recommend them, but I add tea tree oil and wanted to start adding lavendar.  I got a bit of lavendar on me and it is making me really nauseous and like all sensitivity with migraine it won't wash off.  No more laundry tonight for me....


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Please move up your gyne visit just speaking from my own hindsight and experience.

I ended up with some major health problems because I let a dr. poopoo my symptoms instead of paying attention to my body. It's not always perimenopause.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

PS Glad it was so easy with your sister!!! Maybe she understands more than you think.

Michal Ann said...

The Dr. poo poo'd WinnyNinny PooPoo.....and it didn't end well. I hope her cautionary tale helps you get needed attention, Jen.

Your sister's response is lovely. Amazing!

Yes, I think calcium has many benefits and I think pain relief is one of them. Make sure you get a form that's easily absorbed.

Michal Ann said...

I googled pain relief/calcium and came up with what looks like an excellent article even if it touts a certain supplement: