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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Update on my body

Along with bipolar there of course is a physical body here.  And in this case we have a physical body that is pretty clearly starting perimenopause.  My mom was my age when it started.  My doctor thought it was rare and that it was more likely endometriosis since my pain issues would prevent me from acknowledging pain easily.  I've been tracking and it's very clearly hormonal.  I had put off my gynecologist appt. to assess this until February; depending on how time off works with my new job I may move it up as the pattern is clear.  My periods are getting LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG, starting to eat up a week or more plus another week to 10 days of PMS.  They are heavier than I've ever experienced.  I have cramps and even pimples for the first time ever.  And I have a serious carbohydrate craving issue.  I also crave milk like crazy, drinking at least a gallon a week and very often 2 pints just in the morning.  That doesn't bother me, but it is weird.

So that's the next fun step of my life.  Yippee.

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