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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Way more important that my drivel and mood swings in written form, please go to Julia's blog and see how you can support their family in the annual walk for PKD, the disease Julia's children were born with and which caused both of them to need kidney transfers at very young ages.  PKD is surprisingly common for something I have never treated or heard of until I stumbled into Julia's blog several years ago.  Last year Julia was busy organizing this while additionally doing me the favor of posting on my blog while I was too sick to do so in the hospital.

Julia is my longest term blog friend and her son Gage holds a very special place in my heart because we have many ways we are alike (although very different too).  Gage is the reason that I decided that my anonymity on this blog that I had insisted on for so many years was wrong and was merely feeding into the bad thing where mental illness is a shameful secret.

If you are able to sponsor Julia, Gage, and/or Quinn (the cutest little girl who had the ugliest kidney I can imagine removed last year) and help get rid of a disease that affects far too many people, please do so by following the link.  I am frustratingly not able to get into my bank account to see my balance, but as soon as I'm able I'll be donating.  Thanks to bipolar I'm no longer allowed to be a bone marrow donor and although organ donor is checked on my license they would opt out of many/most/all of my organs because of the strain my meds have placed on them (my kidneys are affected and other organs like the heart can be over time), but money is something I can do to help cut the need for transplants by finding easier treatments.

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