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Friday, October 29, 2010

Never had that happen before

I just got in from the emergency room. No big deal, just a bruise that had to be checked because it was work related and because it could be germy.  I got out of my car and my pt's dog got really aggressive so I stood still and did all the calming the dog things. It saw it's owner and ran over and bit my foot.  Thankfully my foot was up so most of the bite hit the very thick thanks to my orthopedic shoes sole and most top teeth hit the leather edging.  So only one tooth hit skin.

Regardless, annoying way to end the week.  And embarrassing since I could hear the nurses complaining about why I was there at all.  Work made me, would be why......I'm complaining to the hospital.  That's more than once I've been there (out of the 4 times I've ever been in an ER and listened to them talk about me).

One nurse even thought it appropriate to suggest I shouldn't have reported it.  Um, my co-workers go there too. Should I let someone else get bitten because I didn't want to have someone see my bruise?

On the really other hand I just made an offer on a car........Holding breath......


Michal Ann said...

You did the right thing as usual! Petty response on the nurses' part. Glad your shoes gave you some protection! You don't even mention being frightened by the incident. Brave!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Woohoo on the car!

Doesn't sound like a very good ER. Surely they get work related injuries all the time! I worked with a lady that was diabetic and stepped on a tack from the bulletin board that went through her shoe. You would think that would be minor, but three years later it still had not healed correctly. That's why you report even minor injuries!!