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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My most hated possessions

Have you ever thought about what you hate the most that you own?  Or that that just me?  I don't remember thinking much about this before, but one thing has taken the lead.  It is this:
Kwik-Up Curtain Rod Bracket

After I got my new curtains my mother convinced me to get these brackets that allegedly fit over the corner of the window frame tightly and stay in place while holding the curtains up.  She's got them and loves them.  It seemed like a good idea.  But oh how I hate them.  They do not stay up on my windows which must be too think for them.  This means they fall down.  All the time.  A cat climbs in a window and I have to get a ladder out (I don't even put it away anymore), balance on it, and try to get both corners to stay in place while I hook on the rod.  On of them tonight developed an even more fun trick that each time I got one side connected the other turned upside down.

These stupid things have mad me cry, yell, plead, and yell at my cats to not touch the windows (right, especially after I've trained them to enjoy watching outside).  I can't replace them easily because I don't know exactly how and don't want to do too much hammering until the wood has been treated.  So instead I HATE them.  I think rage displaced from all over the place goes into the hatred of these things; I cannot describe how much I hate them.

What do you hate that is smaller than your hand and costs about $5/pair?  (Or otherwise shouldn't be worth pure hatred)?


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Totally in synch on this. Hate flimsy curtain brackets! Hate roller shades that won't unroll or roll back up too!!!

learp17 said...

I hate my flimsy bed frame! We finally got an awesome, insanely comfortable king bed which I love so much, but the cheapie frame it came with has already collapsed! So there is a dip in the middle, and the boxspring is floppy, and we have a plastic tub stuck underneath the frame to hold it up. Seriously! How lame is that? I want to get a new frame ASAP but I can't decide what I want and I'm afraid a new one will be as stupid as the old one. Hopefully my husband and I can agree soon on a new one and get it ordered, cuz this frame sucks!

I also loathe and detest the wallpaper in my house. But you know what a loathe and detest even more? Removing wallpaper.

And may I just validate your feelings? That kind of thing with curtain hooks like that would make me feel the EXACT same way. How infuriating!!!!


Just Me said...

You remind me of this home evaluation I did many years ago. We go through the home and point out safety issues and recommend things to help the pt. (this is before discharge from a nursing home).

We went to the bedroom to see how he did getting in and out of bed. Well, he had quite the struggle, because he and his wife and both slept (apparently) in the middle of the bed for so long that it severely dipped that way and so as soon as he was on the bed he was flipped into the hole and more or less stuck. I never could figure out how they stood it. But I laugh every time I remember.

learp17 said...

I remember getting stuck in the hole in the middle of our old bed when I was 9 months pregnant with my younger daughter! OMG I was such a whale, my husband had to help get me out of the hole! LOL