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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Never going to see that Zero

As I've mentioned a bunch of times I paid off a student loan last weekend.  Their system was down for several days while I waited to see my $0.00 and finally today I got to see it.  Only to find out that I still owe $.27.  It won't take it online.  Their phone pay costs $15.00, which I am not pay for a $.27 payment.  So I have to call back when they are open and try to get them to take their stupid $.27 without charging me for it.  And as long as that twenty-seven cents is there my account isn't closed for credit report purposes.  Ack.

I did do one good thing.  I may have mentioned before that my sister wanted to cloth diaper my niece but doesn't have enough diapers.  So for quite some time I've been buying a few diapers every week.  This was the last week for diaper purchases and I wanted good overnight diapers.  I had found what I wanted and they had a package size that was a great deal.  But when I went to order they only had 2 instead of the 6 I needed.  After some 3 AM googling I found an older version of the same diaper for a really good price and was able to get a 15% off coupon from retailmenot.com (check it out if you ever order anything online--millions of coupon codes) and then free shipping, so I wound up with 5 diapers and 5 of the things you put inside to make them really absorbent at night for quite a bit less than 6 diapers alone would have been in the package I was intending to buy.  Now I just need to buy some more diaper covers and they should be set.

I did not get back to sleep.  I rested for a while but it wasn't enough to make me less tired.  I'm letting my hair dry some now and then I'm going to get into work.  I can't get my computer to transmit my stuff from yesterday and I have some things I can do for a bit in the office before seeing patients.  Hopefully everyone is easily scheduled.  I'm not in the mood to play phone tag.  Which is a common part of my day.

So, the next report will probably be about how grumpy I am.  Because once the tired really hits that is all I'm going to be.


Michal Ann said...

I'll share my title with you: Super Auntie!

When my niece had kids, I wasn't ready to be "Great Aunt" so I made up a new title.

Great job on the diaper shopping! You're SOOOO attentive to the big and small details that need to be accomplished! MUCH more so than I!

I hope you're extra careful when the "grumpies" start to hit and catch up on your sleep very soon!

Maybe it would be fun to write a check for 27 cents...as long as they weren't continuing to charge you interest on it! Sent them 50 cents and blow their paperwork system entirely!

Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Ps. 31:24

learp17 said...

I have to tell you a story like this! In 1998, when I met my husband, we were living 3000 miles away from each other. As a result, we racked up thousands of dollars in phone bills. (We were also stupid and didn't realize we didn't have to use a phone card every time we talked to each other. Duh.) When we finally paid it off, a few months after we started living together and stopped using the phone card, they sent us a check for something like $1.37 because we had overpaid. HA! We stuck it up on the fridge and laughed at it.

I have to tell you another story: NPR had a story the other day with a reporter who was absolutely incensed by the $15 fees to pay a bill ON TIME USING AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM. He would be screaming if he could read your post.