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Friday, October 15, 2010

Making it clear

I said this the other day, but today feel strongly that it needs said where it is very obvious.

I want to be sure everyone knows I love questions.  I don't care what they are about.  Abuse, bipolar, psych treatment, the hospital, sensory integration issues, OT, curly hair, cats, whatever.  I gave up about a year ago worrying about what is written here.  I want people to learn from what happened to me because maybe it will  help some other kid, give someone else hope, or take away fear.  If I don't want to answer I won't, but I can think of few things that one won't write about when they have written more than one post on why it is likely that they will never experience sex, in detail, or shared some of what I have.  I've written about some of what I experienced in detail and some in kind of a reference thing, and the overall result is that I don't care.

I know that this may make my blog a place of curiosity for some people.  Frankly that is fine with me.  Please, learn about what I have experienced both because of my illness and because of the other things to me.  Feel free to email me if you're not comfortable posting, just know I don't check that email box extremely often happened.  I am tired of my life being a secret because talking about things that have a huge impact of who and waht I am are taboo.  No more.  I decided that probably 6-12 months ago and haven't regretted it.

The thing is that I have no idea what I've talked about in some regards, as well as not knowing what I have said about what I did say.  So ask away, and I'll clarify or given answer.

You won't find a lot of people willing to do this, so please take the chance to learn about abuse, mental illness, and how they have interacted.


learp17 said...

So did you say you have never experienced sex? I totally get why you aren't planning to, given the sexual abuse traumas you experienced. Do you remember that abuse, or do you just know it happened? Who committed it?

Both abuse and mental illness are extremely fascinating to me, but I have very little interest in reading clinical research. I am interested in the perspectives of real people who have experienced them. Your honesty and directness in how you write about your life are so unusual, and so wonderful. I hope it is healing for you too.

I suppose my "mommy bear" streak comes out when I read about the things that happened to you - every time I read something, I see the faces of my two beautiful girls and think how cruel it is that anyone could hurt people like that. Sigh....

Michal Ann said...

I love your transparency. Your motivations are brave and noble as well as therapeutic for you, too. What a woman you are!