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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can't be worse

Yesterday was truly a bad day.  I did something so embarrassing I don't want to talk about it, and it truly was because of bad directions but still, so, so embarrassing.  I forgot something important at a pt's home.  One pt. was sick and couldn't work.  Another I sat 30 minutes trying to wait for the nurse to fix his blood sugar; no dice. A third the assisted living double-booked 2 therapists-again.  So I'm working my butt off trying to get everyone done and getting absolutely nowhere.  That means today is terribly stressful again.  I'm trying to avoid having to work Thursday, a day I'm supposed to be off, because I would have only a few patients and therefore would have a mess as I have to be in the City 2 hours away to see Dr. Body, and have no desire to drive up to see him, then down for 2 hours, then back home.  I would lose money on it, even at holiday pay, and also a day that I really need the time to finish Christmas things.  So after running around like crazy all day I had a grand total of 2 pt. visits that really were worthwhile, one that just upset the patient, and 2 that were pointless.

I'm kind of scared to go in today.  I don't want to be that stressed again, and I will be unless something odd happens and I have a few cancellations.  Otherwise I have no clue how I'll get through this schedule.

Speaking of, I suppose I need to leave.  I really, really don't want to......

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Michal Ann said...

How frustrating! I hope you reach out for some peace as you travel. Don't forget to breathe! Whew!