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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not needed

The day I went to see Dr. Body first with whooping cough he told me that the hardest part of treating me is that I'm ok to take the basic drugs, like antibiotics, the ones that keep people from dying like they did 100 years ago, but that keeping me comfortable is a whole other issue, because quality of life drugs are usually either something I'm allergic to or that I can't take for some other reason.

Well, I am now allergic to Bactrim, I'm pretty sure, which means all sulfa drugs and drugs related to sulfa drugs are out.  About a week ago my lips began to peel like crazy and became puffy but that seemed consistent with how sore they were to me.  I also became more flushed daily but thought that it was due to dry skin or coughing or whatever.  The last 24 hours I was on it it was clearly a rash.

I know that with my history nothing gets a second chance, so unless something concretely makes Dr.Body know that I wasn't reacting I'm done with sulfas forever.  And I couldn't be more underwhelmded.


Annehueser said...

I just emailed you regarding my sole experience with Bactrim. I hope I'm simply having alarmist thoughts.

Michal Ann said...

Yeah, I've seen a sulpha reaction with a close family member. Make that "X" close family member. You don't wanna mess around with allergies. Glad your scrubs are feeling a lot more comfortable!