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Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to lose 10 lbs. in 5 days

This post probably only applies if you are on a lot of medications.  Psychotropics are well-known for causing serious constipation but so are pain meds and other meds.  I think even my inhaler can.

Regardless, this post is about constipation so if that bothers you, this is your warning.

I've written about it before.  I'll write about it again.  Because it is physically painful, because it is part and parcel of bipolar disorder for me and others, because I am fascinated by how much well, crap, we can hold.  This time it was 10 lbs.  T.E.N. P.O.U.N.D.S. of POOP.

My situation is complicated by, as per usual, restrictions on how we treat it.  Because it comes from being dehydrated chronically because of diabetes insipidus thanks to lithium, miralax which adds water to stool doesn't help unless taken in huge doses that are not good for you.  Other meds risk further dehydration and a worsening cycle of no solution.  I can't use thing that irritate that colon because they usually don't work and also can just make it worse.  My colon has stretched drastically over time which doesn't help but can't be treated.

The thing though that anyone else who suffers with this one needs to know is that a new med is available that is awesome.  It's called Amitiza and it's horribly expensive, unfortunately.  However, you may get lucky and have your doctor tell you "I thought this was going to be great and got all these samples and then found out that not many people really need it", which resulted in my getting a TON.

It's supposed to be a twice daily med and technically is for people with no known cause.  It increases intestinal lubrication. For me, I only have to take it once a day, and then if things get backed up twice for a couple days.  The only reason things got so bad now is that I carefully held it for a few days when I started the stronger antibiotics because we all know what those do.  Except for me, apparently.  And by then it just got lost in the crowd of psychotropics, cough meds, etc.  And then suddenly it had been 10 days or more and only 2 pairs of scrub pants, the ones leftover from before I lost weight fit, and I still didn't figure out it out at first when i had gained 10 lbs. in a few days, then suddenly I realized WHY, and prepared to fight.  I'd never tried amitza against this before and I was prepared with the heavy duty meds and suppositories.  I did not need a single one.  In fact, Amitza started working before I was prepared, when I was still out shopping.  That was unfortunate.  (no more will be said there).  But sure enough all weekend at intervals without any need to do more than take the usual amount after the first day or two it has done it's job and I have lost 10 lbs. this weekend.  I am so thankful for something EASY.

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Wow!!! Sounds great! Wish I could lose 10 lbs like that. You sound like a Dr. Oz exhibit!

Unfortunately I have the opposite problem which is medication resistant. However when I do take pain meds it does slow down the process a bit!