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Saturday, July 30, 2011

At least I have good doctors

I have made little secret of late that my "speciality" treatments-psychiatry and gynecology- and my gynecological surgery is all at Cleveland Clinic.  I used to keep this secret as it opens up the possibility of figuring out who at least some of my doctors are, but whatever.  They do a good job and if you need referrals for these specialities in Ohio I'm happy to give them.

I'm also really happy that they have just announced that in the big listing of the best hospitals Cleveland Clinic is #4 overall, and that BOTH of my specialities, meaning numerous doctors who have treated me or been involved in my care (there have been various psychiatrists consulted as well as several treating me in the hospital) are in the top 20 in the nation.  Gynecology, in fact, is #4 nationally.  This makes me feel good about the surgeons who are about to be all over my internal organs in just a few more weeks.  And, if the deepest fear, the one I've mentioned to nobody, plays out and they find something horrible, (which they won't, but the doctor told me that I HAD to have biopsies by fall, and I watched my grandmother die of ovarian cancer so fear is there), then oncology is rated I think #1.

Dr. Body is elsewhere, as is Dr. Asthma and Dr. Mind, but they are also, absolutely, definitely, #1.

Having gone a grad school rated in the top 20 OT schools the year I went and then fell drastically while I was there I don't necessarily buy the number thing, but I also know without a doubt that these doctors are amazing and it's good to see that recognized.

And to keep remembering that they definetely do know their way around in there........

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