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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm struggling still but have almost survived this week.  Which has to count for something.  The biggest problem is that I want to sleep all the time.  That means it's very hard to get paperwork done. It also means that everything is a huge effort.  I have to go see Dr. Mind soon.  I am so tired I want convert to a phone session but know he probably needs to physically see me to really assess how I am.

Last night I kind of made a fool of myself.  I was right but handled the whole thing the wrong way.  I had an inhaler that the counter failed on.  I ordered new ones when I should have based on the counter, but then one day after my asthma kept getting worse the thing was empty.  I got a new script from Dr. Brain b/c she didn't want me to be without it.  I went to the pharmacy and dropped it off with full intent to go back that night but I was (guess) too tired.  I told them I knew it would be very expensive but that I would pay.  So last night I went for it (I've used another steroid instead the days I didn't have it).  The pharmacy has a sign that says to wait there for the cashier to protect other's privacy.  I waited. And  I  waited.  And I waited.And they kept helping drive up people but ignoring me.  One lady was actually cleaning shelves and never checked the line,seemed to stare through me a few times, but ignored me totally.  After I waited 20 minutes I finally asked if anyone was going to help me or if I should just go.  The clerk berated me for standing behind the sign.  I pointed out that I was doing as instructed and that it doesn't say this one means if someone is in front of you and it is just as much a HIPPAA violation for me to overhear what the drive-through people at getting.  She continued to blame me.  Then my script was nowhere to be found. I found it finally, sitting in a box on a ledge there and it had a note that my insurance wouldn't pay and it cost over $100.  I asked why I had not been listened to.   She got the script done, the pharmacist came in and the clerk said in front of another customer and both other pharmacy workers "You need to check this.  Someone messed it up and now I'm getting crabbed at".  This is when I became furious.   I very loudly since she was clear across the room and being loud enough for me to hear informed her that I was not angry at her for that, I was  angry because I waited in line and was ignored for a very long time.  The pharmacist then brought the script and told me that she had told them to fill it and that I knew of the cost.  I told  her, since she was the manager, why I was really upset and why I would not be back that store, including that mistakes are one thing and no I probably shouldn't have been angry when I was ignored (or expressed it differently) but that the deciding factor would be that her staff have no business scolding or embarrassing me no matter WHAT I do,that not listening to me say I'd pay for it is annoying but being ignored then treated snottily was my objection.  If I can come up with the energy I need to convert all that to a  letter to the company, because as I look back I overreacted to some extent but I was really not treated well.

I'm also having a hard time with waiting to tell work.  I desperately want to but have not been able to grab my boss for 5 minutes although I've tried all week.  She'll tell me 15 minutes but by then she's involved with something totally different.  They need to be told, and I need to get it over with.  I do not need more to worry about.  Theoretically tomorrow although I'm not sure how tomorrow is going to play out.  We'll see I guess.

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