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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What not to wear/or, uh, say

So I'm training my new assistant.  THis is going pretty well really and I believe it will work out.  (Please, please God).

I've told her more specifics than most people at work about why I'm about to be off. This is partly just chance, partly because it's complicated, partly b/c it's personal, and partly to avoid the laughing, newly pregnant after trying person's laughing "well, just get pregnant and you won't have periods".  Since I can't anyway and am facing a diagnosis that probably would cause infertility (and post-op literally would be my last chance to get pregnant except I've getting an IUD so I won't be getting pregnant even if it were an good idea for me), I don't want to have the conversation. Plus I'm having so many things done at once that explaining takes time.   

But anyway, after learning I'm having a cystoscopy she told me in detail how painful she found it and how hard it was to pee afterwards.  Now in my case that's not going to matter because I'm going to have a catheter in for the remainder of surgery (I assume, I think it's standard with a general and I think it was included as something to expect in the training video from the hospital for the part of the procedure I was educated on, which was the hysteroscopy with possible D&C.  So I assume that I'll have the cystoscopy quickly, be catherized and cleaned up, have the hysteroscopy with or without D&C, be cleaned up then have the Mirena inserted, then cleaned and diapered or something since by then I'm likely to be bleeding from whatever is done to get the thing out of my uterus, then they'll do whatever they need to do to prep for the scope, and what happens during it depends on what they find.  It's now occurred to me that for minor procedures this is going to be a busy procedure with a lot of people staring at my um, bathing suit region.  Because there will be 2 surgeons, at least one nurse who is going to essential have to prep me several times while I'm already out, I suspect more than one anesthesiologist given the protocol I'm on, probably a respiratory therapist to manage asthma issues coming out of anesthesia, and possibly someone who is there just to coordinate and make sure that the protocol is followed to the letter.  That's the impression I have, that someone will be closely monitoring every moment of my hospital stay for safety.  Which is good since my mother won't be able to.

I know my recovery will be way different than just having one test done.  I also know that I'm going to be on a lot more pain management and much more drugged and may not even have to try to pee for a while after surgery.  But never, ever tell someone that any part of their complex surgery that they believe is one of the minor parts is really painful........It of course doesn't help that I am dealing with sexual abuse trauma that she doesn't know about, I still couldn't benefit from that knowledge.  It is one more thing to ask about during pre-op.....

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