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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good to know

Sometimes when recovering from a bad period it can be really hard to share tiny good things with anyone (blog, friends, Dr. Overly Optimistic Mind) because they are positives and hopeful and all kinds of good stuff but they are not a sign things will be better tomorrow or next week, just that things are a little better for that moment.  Dr. Overly Optimistic Mind and I have had a couple battles about that because early on something tiny would happen, he'd want me to believe it meant I was getting better, and I knew from experience that it was nothing more than I had a good 30 seconds and eventually it will be 45 seconds.

But after much crying the last couple days I actually just made a joke.  Not an overly funny joke, and it's political so if you don't like it please don't hate me, but I read the Duggars are campaigning for Rick Santorum and it occurred to me that he'll easily win one state then and I giggled.  

There were a few laughs on my birthday with my niece.  We skyped and it was awesome. My hair has always puzzled her because the curls are something she's only seen on me and because my hair is long and heavy and curls in my eyes sometimes I wear it down, I wear ponytails, and I wear buns (which are now almost too heavy to do without hairpins so those may be done).  I have an adorable picture of her comparing my hair to ruffles on her shirt.  This time she immediately got it:  "Ponytail!" and showed me her ponytails.  Then she saw my mom's ring and said "RING!"  I asked if she had a ring.  "yeah" followed by scuffling and her dragging my sister's hand with wedding set into the picture.  How smart is that?  Then my sister told her to say happy birthday Jen and instead she grinned mischeviously and said happy birthday to my mom.  My sister said to her "No, Jen.  Grandma's birthday is in SEPTEMBER, a long time away."  She just giggled....One dog was in the screen and she kept asking for the other until we got him in the picture.  She's adorable and smart and developing a sense of humor all her own.  Her father has a dry sense of humor that at times kills me and I think she's heading the same way.

I just laughed again at Michal sledding because she should.  Probably true out there.  I must admit though that there is a sledding hill near here that is something I never got to sled on: a big hill that is cleared.  We sledded (I guess that's a word?) down a hill that was a pasture and straight into the woods.  The trick then was how far you could go without hitting brambles or trees.  We had contests.  So I suppose someday I should get a sled and during the day when the kids are in school I should fly down that hill.  But probably not until my ankle is repaired if that's possible because I don't want to have a forced repair because I slipped and fell down this huge hill on my butt.

Anyway, there are a few good moments today.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be more.

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Michal Ann said...

Yeah! Laughing!! And look, I'm able to get into the comment form at least at this moment.

I had to go sledding for old time's sake for as they say, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." It worked out better than sledding in this neighborhood when I was 5 and permanently deformed my pinkie by crashing straight into a boulder. That was 55 years ago!

Yes, you need to try sledding, too. It's generally not THAT dangerous. Honestly! But don't you go hitting any trees.

Your niece's sense of humor is awesome. Yours is, too! Yes, there's a certain IRONY in doping up the cat! At least you have plenty of thick hair and aren't in danger of licking any spots bald.

All the best with "Dr. Overly Optimistic Mind."

The misty rain is freezing to the snow here in western Washington. Ice is forming on branches and the power outtages have begun. Icy slushy streets will be next followed by flooding but at least I have one more day without school. I hope I can study enough tomorrow to redeem myself after being a slug for several days. (Do you have slugs in your neck of the woods?)

To bed, to bed, to pray you're sleeping soundly.

Hugs, Michal