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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hard work

I have a memory foam mattress.  The one I have has a cover and kind of a pillowtop that make it look like a regular mattress (and decreases the extra heat from the foam as well as providing more support.  It was starting to be less comfortable and so I contacted the company and they said that it could be flipped and then the pillow top zipped onto the other side of the mattress and that this would make it more firm).  (The problem comes from sleeping alone; when the mattress is only turned and not flipped this means that some parts never get used and the parts that did get used were getting uncomfortable).  It took me 2 hours, including rest breaks.  Turns out that after removing all sheets, blankets, both mattress covers (one for allergies, one water proof) and then unzipping the pillowtop part that they didn't mention the part where the mattress is encased in what looks like the outside of a mattress and that flipping it means you have to put that part back on and that this is not easy.  The mattress is quite heavy and I thought that would be the hardest part but it wasn't, it was lining things up.  I also thought zipping the pillowtop on would be tricky and that was possibly the easiest part.  The hardest part by far was getting the mattress aligned in the casing.  Lots of lifting, pulling, balancing things on my head (only did that once since I nearly was knocked over).  I think it feels better but it's hard to tell for sure yet.  It did look like the bottom doesn't have the same few inches of higher density foam that the top does but I think those were something I got that was optional.  I also have to get a new allergen cover at minimum as neither cover will zip anymore.

I also was shocked to discover how much damage a single straight pin that had gotten into the mattress cover somehow (weird since there has always been 1-2 mattress covers on this mattress).

I sincerely hope this tired me sufficiently to give me a break from insomnia.  Right now it seems it may.  I hope.......

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Michal Ann said...

Mattress wrangling!! I sure hope it's comfortable AND that you're sleepy! I've had about half that much fun trying to flip and turn my mattress but I only had one zip cover to wrassle. Whew!

Thank you for your thorough reply about the "back to work" future tripping. Is it wonderful that you have the private disability insurance? I'm all for you getting all kinds of R+R.

I will be praying for your appointment with dear Dr. Mind tomorrow. You can do this. You will do this. You're simply quite amazing.

Many hugs and blessings!