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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stolen from Facebook

I really needed to see this today.  About 75% of the first column has crossed my mind today.  Too many way too hard decisions.  At the moment I think I am going to be packing my life into storage and moving in with my mom.  We can convert her upstairs to an area for me so I'll have a living room and bedroom and another area. That lets this house be put in order for sale quickly and hopefully it will sell fast.  Then she'll buy a home that I'll pay the mortgage on.  There are huge downsides to this emotionally but ultimately it eliminates so much money.  I have some checking to do on the effect on my eligibility for some benefits if I am not living alone since it could in theory raise bills by having another income in the household.  But her income isn't mine so I have to check on that.  It's tricky because I have a tax refund coming.  That refund will pretty much be my last money until things are better.  And yet it means delaying some things until that money has disappeared in the credit card void.  I don't know.  It is just a lot and it is happening so fast.

I also must say that a blog is an amazing invention.  I had to fill out some incredibly detailed medical forms from the time when I had whooping cough and was seeing the dr. constantly and was on and off many, many meds in a few weeks.  I also had to give dates of visits.  The blog provided all of that nicely.

Anyway, I forgot about clothes that need dried and then I need to start figuring out how I'm going to sleep.  I've asked for more meds because sleep is torture but so far I haven't heard anything from Dr. Brain.  Dr. Mind called me today to give me some information and I think to check on me and he said he hadn't heard either.  That part is really weird because if he calls and says "This is Dr. Mind (as opposed to First Name Mind) and I am urgently calling about a mutual patient, she'll know who" that's typically their code for Jen has a big problem.  And her email isn't set on not available.  So beats me.  Perhaps she figures it can all wait until I see her next week.

As I said before, don't worry if you don't hear from me.  Two big days.

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