Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:13

Friday, March 16, 2012

Broken heart, Broken brain

I just was googling, trying to learn more about my aging cat's condition.  I wound up reading about purring and that cats will often lay on an injured part of their human and purr.  I am looking back and realize that many times when I cry I have one or two cats quickly draped across me.  One is always at the level of my heart.  Another time, the night before the first time I was in the psych unit my other cat lay for hours with his head just touching mine.

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Michal Ann said...

Amazing what you learned about cats!

I'm incredibly sorry that life is so challenging. I also mentioned grieving in a recent comment, my Manhattan Transfer remark. Here's a link to "Operator."


It's very cheery and might be welcome on re-play in your mind.

I also thought of you when reading MckMamma; I don't know if you follow her but I've recently checked in and learned her husband left her and the 5 kids. Stellan is #4. She's overcoming.

She just had her first haircut in a year and seems to have challenging curls like yours. She said she left hair like a "dead poodle" on the salon floor.

One of her readers mentioned the book "Curly Girl" which was highly recommended by a (former) friend.


"My hair isn’t curly, but I have a cousin who has major curly hair. I couldn’t stand it but she SWEARS by a method in a book called “Curly Girl” -it’s something about no shampoo and only using conditioner."

This isn't the best note but I'm running on empty after a 3-6 a.m. airport run with one of my boys and my massage clinic externship shift. I'm avoiding the plunge into deep deep studying for finals, tests, assignments, practicals, presentations, more clinics...and the cadaver lab!

My heart is with you and I bring you before the Lord on many of my commutes...and from "Bedside Baptist," too. :)

Let those kitties minister to your head and your heart and let the springtime soothe you with sunlight and fresh air. Try just a little tiny walk, o.k.? I stall because I think it has to be a big deal but just a block can be inspiring.


Anonymous said...

oh the sweetness of your cats, Jen! I never knew this but I love it. And I love they are comforting to you.