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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I heard back from Dr. Brain.  She has very limited access to no access and she can't pull up my chart and email.  But she knows my meds pretty well and told me a couple things to try.  The only problem is that one I can't because I'm not on the med I used to take and the other is reducing the patch dose.  That I can do but I skipped 12 or 24 hours already because sometimes that helps calm things down and it didn't help.  But at least I should be able to win the hospital battle should it come up.  Looking in a mirror it's going to.  My eyes don't look so good......I'm taking a bag with me in case.Better to do that than to have my mom having to dig around for what I want.  I may not go see Dr. Mind, I may do a phone session so I'm not driving.  We'll see what happens in the next little bit.

I can't believe I am not asleep.  I feel more alert than I have in several days, yet it is 3 AM.  And at 11 pm I was so tired my eyes were closing.  I was so sure this was over or at least going to give me a break.  Oh well, who needs sleep?

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