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Friday, March 23, 2012

Horrible, awful memory/thinking

One thing that I never thought would happen would be that my memory would simply disappear.  I've had plenty of memory issues throughout the years of meds and uncontrolled illness but it's never been enough to make my whole life a little scary.

It has been a long time since I used the stove or oven at all.  I couldn't face any of my microwavable choices tonight so I dug around and found tuna helper that I could bake.  With the timer that is loud and doesn't shut up in place I hope this is safe enough.  The stovetop is the scarier part.  It's a flat top which at least reduces a few safety issues but I have still caused small fires and melted things.  I know I'm not ready to use that.  The oven is making me very nervous because I'm scared of somehow ignoring the timer or forgetting to turn it off.

I had no spring/summer weight clothes.  I don't fit last years' and I only had a few days worth then instead of needing enough to wear every day like I will now.  Most days for the last 11 summers have been scrubs, scrubs and occasional shirts/shorts.  I got a 30% off from Kohls so I spent literally hours finding things.  It's so hard to decide what I want, if the cost is ok, what the cost is with the discount, and if the size is right.  So I just clicked anything I might want and then sorted through everything until I hope I got what I need.  Checking out is when I realized that when I returned a few things to Kohls yesterday I left my card there.  Frantic searching and becoming fixated on my purse even though it was clearly not there made me finally search until I found the receipt and knew that the card should be with it.  So I called (two attempts at rembering what I was dialing to do that correctly) and it is there.  So now I've dropped my whole wallet at Walmart at night in the parking lot and left it, had to report all cards as stolen after someone tried to use one (unknown if I did something that gave them my information or not) and now I've lost a card.

Once upon a time I was able to function.  I know I remember that.

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