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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where I've been/will be

Remember me mentioning I was doing an arts and crafts project for Dr. Mind?  Well it has turned into a lot of work/big part of my life.  Essentially I made a shoe box into a big collage.   The outside is how I think other people see me; the inside is how I see me.  I got very, very into this for some reason and actually ran out of space.  So that was about a week of work.

Now I'm having to pull 2 words or statements off of it every day and write about them.  On top of trying to get stuff together to help people with SSDI paperwork (the doctors) and my own stuff together for a few things it is taking a lot more time.

My computer is going to overheat and shut off so I'm going to get off, but that's what is making me be quiet.

Oh, and I do now have pierced ears and tomorrow I should be able to fidget.  I really hope this helps the hair pulling.  I can't believe how much easier that has gotten since  I was 12.  Really no pain and no loud piercing gun noise.  The only pain at all was one ear swelled a little and I had to move the earring back away from the skin a little.  I feel weird; not used to seeing the little tiny silver studs.  But I found a good price and I think when I'm done with studs I'll find something I really do like.

Anyway, comptuer now on borrowed time.

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