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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Counting crazies and other things

In the name of frustration I did a little study last month.  (Please excuse any interruptions here, I may have to kill my cat.  Not really.  She's just being bad; we're in a span of nothing tastes good to her so she wants fed about 1200000 times/day.)  My study, since February is a nice clean 4 week month (aside from leap day which I don't remember) was how many times were derogatory remarks about mental health issues made on facebook by my friends.  I only have about 60 friends so not a ton and some people know to avoid that kind of thing with me.

I still had 15 incidences.  I am not being picky either; I don't mean "You're crazy to do that", I mean comments making fun of mental illness somehow.  Often it was mild.  Many times it was from someone I truly care about and someone who would do anything to help me.  I did find that interesting though, that this stuff is so prevelant in our society that with a small sample over 4 weeks I had that many that I caught; it's possible there were more.

Today's blessing:  Saturday I heard a rock hit my windshield hard.  I couldn't find a chip.  Yesterday I had a 2" crack.  My insurance has a deductible.  This would take a huge chunk of my emergency/be able to get a haircut money.  The first quote was $257.  I happened to go into my bank account for something totally unrelated. I had a deposit of $215 from my last employer (PTO accrued I suppose).  I had deposits from them divided into 75% to one account, 25% to another.  When I accessed the other account I had another $70 in there.  So pretty much God gave me precisely the amount I need to fix it with a tiny bit extra.  Good thing since I also need about $100 for carpet cleaning; the dementia cat keeps trying to get my water at night and spilled something that does not smell good.  And I HAVE to get a haircut.  It's scheduled now for the beginning of April.  But my hair is so curly that if it gets too long without the layers being managed the hairs that normally would fall out wrap around themselves and the hair around them (and I have more loose hair from my picking/hair pulling issue) which causes tangles that no comb or product I've ever tried can conquer.  I already have to put tons of conditioner in, wait, then comb it with the conditioner in to have a chance at hair control.  But until it's cut this is a losing battle.

Hope that sleep comes soon.  Not sleepy at all.  If my med change netted me only a few days I guess that is better than nothing but I really want to sleep all night.......

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Michal Ann said...

Hair: Yours is just about the OPPOSITE of mine which is nearly stick straight and baby fine. I'll bet yours is beautiful when it's behaving.

Cats: Interesting you mentioned her challenging behavior. I keep passing a pet store that has an upcoming seminar "No bad cats."

God, $$$ and windshields: Sorry that happened. Encouraged to hear you'll have the funds for replacement. Sounds like you're going to get more than one estimate. I think that insurance companies don't always charge a deductible for windshields.

Hope you and the kitty cats are sleeping soundly and that you hear God singing lullabies.

"The LORD your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in His love He will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17