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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alex's website

I forgot:

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Michal Ann said...

Yes, I'm tired but so excited! Full day celebrating my daughter's 32nd birthday with activities and then the marvelous news that Alex has returned from the brink of death...and is able to TALK!! THANK YOU for reading and publicizing the blog for those who want to follow the saga.

PRAISE GOD for this miraculous mix of medicine and God's care for an amazing family.

I fell asleep twice when sitting in the car today and took cat naps but I've got to settle down to some real sleep as you kindly noticed. We didn't go to the hospital today because Alex needed to rest after greeting his large family. I'm astounded.

He was working in construction around dry wall and was experiencing lung trouble for some days/weeks before his lips turned blue and his girlfriend called 911. He collapsed but the paramedics revived him. Ultimately, when nothing helped, the doctors employed the chilling technique. I think he was even lower than the 91.4 F I personally witnessed. Later alarming symptoms were days of coma, paralysis, high blood pressure (200/100) and very high CO2...Well, you know..

I'm just shaking my head at the marvels unfolding...

Thanks for everything.

Love, Michal

Anonymous said...

Michal, so good to see this almost tragedy having a good outcome. I've been "watching from the sidelines". As you say, how wonderfully miraculous his recovery has been. Wow. And again, I am educated regarding asthma and the toxins that cause episodes. -- I hope you get some good rest!

Jen, like I said above, it's educational to read this stuff regarding triggers but it must be horrific for you! It reminds me of my neice's severe peanut allergy and the idea of trying to keep her safe in the school/social environment. Very scary.

I am looking forward to reading about Anne's birthday!

Love to both of you,