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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I was without power for another 24 hours following storms with high winds (although after the 90 mph winds of 4 weeks ago 70 or 75 mph don't seem bad).  So I'm catching up.

I haven't gotten a progress report on Michal's friend but she is struggling and sounds like being strong for the family is very hard.  I assume that the most tragic outcome-that the young man could have died on the anniversary of his sister's death--which I believe would have been yesterday (but I'm a little mixed up because when the power came back I had a lot of emails and didn't get exactly when what was sent.)  So please keep praying for that sad situation.

I only bought a minimum amount of summer clothing.  I'm not out and about much in the summer and money is, of course, tight.  It's worked fine until this storm when ALL my clothes were in the washer, which was locked.  I wore the only shirt I had and work-out shorts that are too short for my comfort and have firewords pictured on them ($2 sale after July 4th about 6 years ago) and bought clothes for tomorrow.  Then I got home and have power.  After working very hard to find shorts that fit I am keeping these.  I'll wear them tomorrow to the party.  And the shorts will be nice after surgery because they are looser than usual (1-2 sizes bigger than my not small normal size was the best I could do).

My hyseterectomy has been scheduled.  Unfortunately it isn't until Sept. 10  with pre-op Sept. 4, so I'm going to have to live through one more period.  I hate that because, well, today is Friday.  I think.  My period started Sunday but wasn't bad until 3 AM Tuesday morning.  Tuesday and Wednesday were gory, Thursday better, today not bad.  But I had terrible cramps from Monday through last night, am still a bit crampy, and probably from blood loss I have not had any energy.  I'm trying so hard to exercise and be in really good shape by surgery but there is no way that I could have done much.  I last exercised Monday and yesterday did some yard work.  (The storm blew on of my trashcans into the road, left it's lid where it was, and the other trashcan's lid wound up going to the end of my yard to my right, while the can was in my neighbors yard the opposite direction.  The funny thing is he handed me a lid while I collected it but it wasn't my lid.  I propped it against my tree and it was picked up by someone.)  I could trying to push exercise today but tomorrow is Anne's birthday party (and I'm extremely tired) so I think I'm just going to say tI hat I can't do it with the blood loss.   I have lab slips to check for anemia in a few days.  I really, really hope my appointment with Dr. Brain is this upcoming week because I have to drive 2 hours up and back to get the labs drawn where they won't cost a fortune.

I'm actually sleepy.  I guess I'll take meds and then still not fall asleep for hours.  (I've been doing this a while now).  I'm also still hungry.  I lost what food was in the fridge (not much, thank God) but finding what I want to eat is a challenge.  What I really want is the salad I had at Cleveland Clinic Tuesday, but barring that I need to find something.

Anyway, meds and as much rest as possible so I'm in good shape for my favorite 2 year old's birthday party.  She is apparently pretty excited about the whole idea.  Probably it's the cake; the kid LOVES sweets.

More in a day or two.  Unless we get any more windstorms in which case I am moving.  We were so blessed here, both times.  My village is in a valley with high hills/small mountains surrounding.  The next village over and the larger towns in the area are not so protected and they have huge trees down, lines down, etc.  In fact going to the mall I took the more direct way and then got to a road closed barrier because they were working on a line.  2 hours later it was still closed.  Like many people who lived through the terrifying storms 4 weeks ago I am much more wary of storms and wind.  It is very easy to become frightened when you've seen those winds.  In my life I've seen them only twice.  Both at my mom's current home, oddly.  The more recent winds were worse than the first time (a little faster, a lot more destructive).  It's like a collective PTSD.  People are also saying their pets are suddenly frightened of storms.

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