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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please Pray

Michal is watching a family she loves hurt.  Below is what she wrote.  Please pray for this family and for Michal as she tries hard to support them.

I covet the prayers of all so I'm sharing the blog my daughter put together to support our family friends of 25 years.  Daughter Megan died suddenly of an acute asthma attack 11 years ago today when she was 16.  Alex is 30 and fighting hard for his life.  Please join the battle in prayer....Love, Michal

Prayers 4 Alex

Alex Wilson suffered a severe asthma attack on Friday, July 20th at around 1:30 a.m. and is fighting to get better, with the help of a ventilator, great doctors, a ...


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Michal Ann said...

Oh Jen...I burst into tears when I saw your kind post. I think I'm calm and collected but then latent feelings surface when I'm talking to someone who isn't part of the crisis team. Don't worry, I'm the picture of calm competence when I'm with the family.

I'm so proud of my daughter, the blog she's created and all the other ways she is of help. It's because of blogging that I was able to encourage her to support the family in this way. Something good is coming out of A-Rose scam and our friendship. There are far more worthy, true causes than manipulative users, thank the Lord.

Thank you for your kind publication of Alex's situation.

It's been my pleasure to give massages in the ICU, for free, of course. I can't charge anyway because my license hasn't arrived. I finally decided to do some investigating and learned that the application packet supplied by the school was outdated and thus rejected. I have to put the exact same information of the new forms.

First my diploma was lost...found 2 months later...in someone's trunk. Now this...Oh well, it's small stuff, right?

Drying my tears and heading for the hospital again.

Gratefully, Michal