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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Mania at night

Every so often I try to post about what mania feels like.  Today has been quite the day.  I went to the basement for something and this turned into digging through a ton of boxes which are down there waiting for painting upstairs.  Mostly it is sewing stuff but some is mementos of high school and college.  I went through it all and became rather obsessed about finding this small velvet bag that contained something my father gave me for college graduation that can be sold and makes more sense to sell.  But I couldn't find it.  I looked upstairs for a while but gave up.  I needed to empty my dresser because it's going to a hauling place and so I did that.  I had to move the mirror from the dresser to another room and knocked over things in the closet.  So I got that fixed and then got the rest of the pictures I needed.  Then I saw boxes that are being stored in the basement right now.  They have either old stuff from high school and college, one box has some childhood toys and the rest is sewing stuff.  So I rummaged through all of these trying to find that stupid bag. Once again I gave up yet again and decided I needed to change my sheets.  I discovered that the waterproof cover was torn and I had another so I changed that (a big, big job with memory foam mattresses because the memory foam is heavy.  So in the middle of that I got tired of walking over suitcases that my cat damaged in anger when I got out of the hospital and so I got them emptied out and put aside for goodwill.  Then back to the mattress cover, then the sheets etc. I had to fill pill boxes and struggled with not problems solving why I might be having trouble finding the bottle of some med. During sheet application I went back into the closet and sorted a few more things and then cleaned up the mess I'd made with the mirror.  I took a computer bag I used to use at work to the pile for goodwill.  And then I got obsessed with that brown bag again.  I went through every basement box, which I had originally gone down to so I'd get fabric for my niece's birthday gift.  But I extended that into both the storage thing and trying to find a way to empty one bin to use for something else. Then I moved laundry to the dryer, threw the fabrics in the washer and came upstairs and searched through my "important papers", boxes of things I just never did anything with, these baskets that are under my coffee table, the drawers and cabinets on my entertainment center.  Nothing.  I did find more stuff for goodwill and some trash though.  Then I went through the remaining storage containers I have upstairs looking for that bag even though I know perfectly well that it is not there b/c I searched there 2 days ago.  I searched my desk for a 3rd time.  And I gave up, except that I thought to check behind my so-called scrapbooking supplies (long story), and my attention was drawn to a box of computer stuff, interesting only because it was from the right time.  And I found it. Then I had to google it to find an estimated value.  By 4 AM I was at least in bed and trying to make my hands busy with knitting but I'm way too jittery for sleep although I am getting there.

And all of this is since 10 pm.

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Michal Ann said...

Of course, my first response was "that's CRAZY" but you already confessed. I don't mean anything rude, it's just the vernacular that pops those words to mind.

Are you aware that you're being driven by mania as it happens? It seems you're memorizing every move as it unfolds. I NEED to do exactly what you're doing...but you're doing it without pause, rest? food? drink? meds? Can you apply the brakes or do you "want" the rush as it happens?

Just heard on the news that a guy is being prosecuted for insurance fraud, etc. because he purported to have a claim for a fancy cat. The insurance guy did a google search and found the identical photo all over the internet (facebook, blogs, etc.). Sounds like one busy cat, long-haired white with bright blue eyes.

Love, Michal