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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh, this is embarrassing

I can't remember if I've even updated on here to say that I am going to the gynecologist Tuesday to hopefully commit to the hysterectomy and get the process involved in my having surgery started.  Dr. Brain helped and Dr. Sweetheart gave permission for me to come so I am hopeful that she'll agree that waiting to have this discussion until December when I'll have had multiple paralyzing cycles, lots of pain and will probably be pretty anemic doesn't make sense.  After my last period I'm actually afraid of another, which is expected at any moment.

I'm sure I've mentioned that I have been walking long distances as often as possible to get exercise and work off agitation.  During the heat I've changed to DVDs.  I have a bunch of Leslie Sansome Walking DVDs and they are nice, especially after someone in the hospital told me to mute the video, watch for what they are doing and listen to something else.  Tuesday is likely to include a very thorough pelvic as she would like to try to do the surgery v*agin ally but I haven't had a baby which is the usual requirement.  So she'll need to dig around to find out if there is space.

It has occurred to me that if I am having surgery relatively soon I need to get in shape.  This last year hasn't exactly been my most active and now that we decided that sleeping is priority and I need to sleep at whatever hours I can that I've been less active from that.

Anyway I didn't feel like a walk tonight (cramps and they can be so bad I double over so I'll be inside a few days) but I popped in a video and did a 1 mile walk cardio and then 2 miles of heavy calorie burn.  No problem there, it was a good workout.  But I am STUPID.  And Dr. Sweetheart is going to get a good look my stupidity.

I don't own many clothes because I've gained weight, tried to lose weight, etc.and didn't want to spend money on clothes when I hang out in tshirts and pajamas a lot because I am in bed a lot.  So I exercised pantless thinking that I'd just save that bit of laundry.

Too bad I have fat thighs and now have blistered fat thighs.  Right where Dr. Sweetheart is going to be looking.  I put diaper cream on them and will keep doing so and maybe I'll be fortunate enough to not have blisters in a non-blistery place by Tuesday.

So, so dumb.

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