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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wonderful news from Seattle

I see on the blog set up for Michal's friend that he is off the vent, talking, and doing wonderfully.  He has a long road for his lungs to heal and the hospital has restricted visitation to keep him calm and healing.  But he is alive!  As an asthmatic I can't imagine.  I haven't had a bad attack since I  have had a portable nebulizer and since I quit working in unhealthy air.  However twice in the first 6 months as I was adjusting to this I had very bad attacks.  Once I went into a bathroom at Kinkos, realized it had a strong air freshener and thought surely I would be ok for just a few seconds.  I wound up running out of the bathroom and dumping my purse to grab and inhaler.  Another time I was in the waiting room at Dr. Mind's.  One of the other therapists was using incense for aromatherapy.  I panicked and didn't get myself to fresh air.  Thankfully Dr. Mind came for me and when I used my inhaler it was nearly empty so it took a long time to recover.  There was a lot of debate over this because Dr. Mind was saying that it wasn't safe for some patients to use air fresheners, incense, candles, etc. and the person with the incense thought one person's needs shouldn't limit her treatment.  Ultimately she moved to another office and I don't think uses incense.  All scented things in the building disappeared as well.  That was partly because that attack was when Dr. Body frankly told me that those types of situations were not only capable of causing me to have difficulty breathing but I could die.  It scared me enough that I have inhalers available at all times.I don't need them often now but I don't want to have a moment where I find out why they were prescribed.

Anyway, wonderful news for Alex.  Michal is probably exhausted by this point so I'm hoping she gets some rest as well.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the most fun birthday party ever.

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