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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bye Bye Uterus

I saw the doctor today.  I will be having a laparoscopic hysterectomy in 1-2 months (probably, depends on scheduling).  There wasn't much to discuss and she didn't even do an exam, probably because my cramps had landed on the severe range.  Apparently (this may be TMI) passing large clots triggers the same contractions as early labor.  Let me just say I am very sad about missing the chance for a child and very not sad at missing pain beyond that.

It's funny, my period is the heaviest it has ever been, sort of like it know this may be the last time.  I have a feeling I'm going to be needing a CBC after this. Because I am a biologist at my core I have developed a rather sick fascination with what is going on.  I won't tell stories because they are gross, but I won't be forgetting this.

I was very glad that she's going to work with me on pain management.  Last time I had morphine in recovery, then vicodin in my room.  The problem is vicodin is every 6 hours and most people can be supplemented with motrin.  I can't have anything but morphine, tylenol and vicodin and you can't mix tylenol and vicodin.  When my pain became severe in the middle of the night I had to wait 3 hours for vicodin because "using morphine is going backwards".  Which I appreciate but it didn't help.  So we're going to do something, even if it means using more morphine which I suspect would keep me in the hospital an extra day.

One thing, I've been praying that she not do the vaginal procedure she'd mentioned before.  She's decided that there's not enough space and would be more painful.  But that is so good.  I am keeping my ovaries and one of them hurts.  Nothing was there but cysts on my fallopian tubes a year ago, but if she's taking things out I really want her to be looking around for any other culprits that may have popped up in the last year.  It's just been something I wasn't at peace with and I am glad she'd already decided.

I just hope this happens before the end of next month.  I'm so over this.

On the happy end I was able to get the materials for my niece's Christmas present today and they were drastically on sale and then I got 20% of everything.  I'm making her this shopping bag/vegetables/eggs/treats food set.  I'm also going to make pajamas for her and matching ones for her Mama.  I'll probably make her several pairs as I have a couple of yards of flannel I have for no reason that she'll like.

She has been skyping with my mom since she was quite small.  The first time we did it I remember my mom telling me that Anne would eventually just shut it off because she knew where that button was.  Well, today my mom had already skyped with her a few times and had gotten off the phone when the skype noise sounded.  She decided to not answer but then it went again so she did.  My niece was there saying "How was your day?"  My mom talked to her for a minute and then my sister walked in and said "now when I left you were playing with your animals...."  Little monkey can operate a computer and call grandma whenever she wants.(Not that this is allowed, but it is funny she did it.  I guess she's really excited about her birthday party this week).

I have to take meds.  I was doing something and totally lost track of time.  Oh well.  I'm sure tomorrow is a rest day anyway.

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Michal Ann said...

As you know, lots going on. I just read your last FOUR posts and they are wonderful...not "good stuff" per se but written with such wisdom and clarity. Amazing!

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