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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm ok

I'm sorry I've been so quiet.  I owe emails to a few people and I will post about what I've been doing and learning the last few days, but right now I just feel too tired to make sentences.  This has really not been as bad as I as afraid of but it hasn't been easy either and has involved a lot of time spent muttering to myelf, repeating over and over what I feel until the word sounds less awful.  There has been swearing and name calling.  And there's been exhaustion and little sleep and lots of nightmares.
So I will post soon but it may not be until I've seen Dr. Mind because I want his reaction before anything else.  These are still very uncomfortable thoughts for me and some of it just feels wrong even though I think it is just what it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the update.

You just keep on doing what you need to be doing... whatever it takes even if that includes cursing and name calling. Get it out however you can.

What you are going through does sound emotionally exhausting! And that's not to mention lack of sleep and nightmares. It's like you are being pulled through the ringer - but you WILL come out the other side.

Good luck with Dr Mind tomorrow (?) - I am sure there is progress to record.

Continued prayers and thoughts for you, from me.


Anonymous said...

Jen - just wanted to pop in and send good thoughts and prayers to you.