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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Michal's friend Alex is hitting the rollercoaster portion of recovery.  He is still awake and talking and trying to recover as quickly as possible, but he has been diagnosed with pneumonia and 2 infections are require a good fight.  One is MRSA and it isn't clear if he has a MRSA infection or is colonized.  Hospitals have swab nearly everyone and a large number of us are colonized but don't have an active infection.  I'm sure after so many years of treating sick people that my nasal swab would be positive.  MRSA is worse than the other bug so I'm hopeful that he is simply colonized by MRSA and suspect that's true.

As for me I'm tired.  I think I am anemic from blood loss last week.  I drove all the way to Cleveland to have labs drawn today since that's the only place I don't have to pay out of pocket.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get results.  I slept almost all day yesterday and was very tired all day today.  I tried to exercise.  The segment I was doing is 20 minutes; I rapidly realized I wasn't going to make it and tried for 10 but was so tired at 8 that I lay down and fell asleep for 2 hours.

So better post coming soon.

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Michal Ann said...

Thanks again, sweetie! I'm sorry you're so tired from the anemia. I'm very proud of you for exercising! You've been really diligent.

The progress you're making on so many front is WONDERFUL. I'm so impressed!

I'm sorry I don't know more about Alex tonight. I just came back from a four hour CE for a massage technique. Thank you for the information about being "colonized" by MRSA. My dad got a common staph infection 10 years ago and died within 12 days.

Thanks for keeping up with the blog.

Love, Michal

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.