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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dr. Brain appointment

Not updating much because my mind is going 30,000 miles per hour.  Mania is so much fun.  (And now my manic brain is singing a song from camp that was on a tape that went with "lummi sticks, which I knew from grade school as rhythm sticks that you tap together to a beat.  And that song said "Lummi sticks are so much funnnnn, come on now everyoneeeeeeeeeee, tap with MEeeeeeeeeeeeee, tap with Meeeeeeeeeeeee").  Do you know how much I hate that song?  A lot.

But I saw Dr. Brain today after not sleeping much at all.  We talked about the improvements since the Mirena came out and the heavy periods/pain that are bound to mess with my life and my desire to have surgery and move on. She sent an email to Dr. Sweetheart and also told me to make an earlier appointment with Dr. Sweetheart.  She is fully supportive of doing this in the next month or two as things are worked out among doctors, if Dr. Sweetheart is ok since it is her decision obviously.  But the potential psychiatric issues with my not feeling well for months are a factor in treating me as a whole person so I am really hopeful that good things will happen.  I requested the appointment online and had trouble making it not sure emergent.  I just want to get in within the next few weeks.

So we'll see but I have more hope now that I'm going to get through this before I feel like it has further damaged my life.

And now I'm going to start at a wall until time to sleep.

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Michal Ann said...

Yeah, I already hate that song, too. "Come on now everyoneeeeeeeeeee" No way!

I'm very excited for the new hope you have through your hard-working compassionate team. Yes, treat the whole patient! Git 'er done.

Keep reaching for the hem of His cloak, Jen. Go boldly and pour out your prayers. "May you find the courage today to go boldly into your heavenly Father's throne room and ask Him for what you need, for He is a giver of every good and perfect gift that flows from heaven (James 1:17)."

Love, Michal