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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Come on life, come on

I was hoping to start my new job tomorrow. Unfortunately my stupid background check is taking longer than ever before. Therefore I might get to start Friday.

Really need to get out of this house! Either that I need some new blogs to read because there of the huge list on my reader there just aren't enough updates to fill all this time. I'm used to have very little time I'm not sleeping when at home. Three weeks of "vacation" is getting boring. I also need a paycheck. I'm getting really bored with the food in this house.......

I spent a lot of today doing laundry. I somehow left a load in the washer a few days ago, and it got icky. I re-washed, then dried and it came out still smelling funny. My washer also smells musty so it's now running bleach through. Then I'll wash those clothes the 3rd time. Can't wait.

One good thing: I finally got around to getting bloodwork that was supposed to be done in about April. (Please note in my defense this was somewhat supplemental bloodwork, not my med levels or thyroid. It was, however, my kidney labs so not the best thing to wait. Don't use me an example of prompt follow-through). The results came back showing my vitamin D level was quite low. This may explain some of my fatigue and can also help with mood and concentration. It makes sense that I'd have problems with this since the sun is my enemy. So now I'm on a weekly enormous dose of Vit D for the next few months and then I'll take some dose I can't remember daily.

Like I said, boring, boring, boring......

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otgirl said...

If you're looking for a new blog- might I recommend: cakewrecks.blogspot.com

It's all funny, all the time. Use the sidebar to check out the ones with the label "literal lol"